5 Tips to Save You From Heat When Fishing

Summer is approaching us fast, the sun is shining longer and the heat is unbearable. Don’t worry we got you covered, here are our 5 tips to save you from heat when fishing.

tips to save you from heat

So what can I do about heat when fishing?

Unless you decide to use the most noble and old way of beating the heat, then you should continue reading other than that… Sit at home and relax while reading our fishing guides and articles. However, when you go out there are plenty of things you can do to protect yourself. Let’s start with our list.

#1. Sunscreen (thank you captain obvious)

Yes, it needs to be on the top of the list. One way to save you from heat when fishing is a proper layer of sunscreen on exposed areas. You can pick any sunscreen that suits you, we however recommend that you pick anything that has SPF 30 or higher. Put a proper amount and rub it in. Refrain from using any sunscreen that has any smells or anything additional chemicals that give scent as that can attract a lot of bugs around you. If you are having a severe reaction to sun use SPF 50 or even SPF 90.

#2. Hats on

No matter the amount of sunscreen you put on, it can’t protect your head from being exposed to the sun. Have a hat nearby you at every moment, it will help you keep your head away from the heat and focused on the fishing. Make sure that your neck, ears and face fall under the shadow of your hat, that way you are largely decreasing your chances of a heat stroke in the middle of nowhere while fishing.

#3 Stay hydrated

You’ve heard your nutritionist say it, now we say it. You need to stay hydrated all the time, not just when fishing or doing any other activity. During winter periods the recommended amount of water to drink is at least 3,5 liters a day, in summer when it’s hot and we sweat a lot increase that amount by at least 1,5 liters so you can compensate for the losses. Get a reusable bottle that can be refilled to protect nature. Additionally you can now get insulated bottles that have protection to keep your water cold. Just make sure the water is not too cold as it may cause shock. 

#4 Proper clothes

It is critical to protect your skin with appropriate attire. Sun protection is available in some sporty fabrics, with SPF values of 15 to 30 being popular. These clothing frequently have moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties that will help you stay cool. For optimal ventilation, look for shirts with vented cape backs.

Although shorts and short-sleeve shirts are frequent in hot weather, long-sleeve shirts and slacks should be kept on hand. When I go fishing, I always wear convertible pants. If I think my legs have had enough light, I’ll zip the pant legs back on for around 30 minutes to protect my skin from the sun’s rays.

#5 Hit the shades

It’s sometimes advisable to remain out of the sun totally in harsh weather. Consider taking a mid-day break to break up your outings. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., the sun’s rays are usually the strongest, making it ideal for a beach lunch or a nap in the shade. Of course, if your boat has a top, staying in the shade is a nice bonus. Investing in a bimini top is a simple method to ensure that your fishing gear is protected from the sun.

All good to go

There you have it. You are all set now in terms of beating the heat. Get your fishing lines, rods and bates ready and go for a great summer day fishing. So, tight lines people and feel free to drop us a comment if you have your own special way of beating the summer heat when fishing.

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