7 Reasons Why Fishing is Good For You

There is no therapy in this world that can replace a beautiful day out in the open. It makes us feel well and at least we can be calmer. So, why fishing is good for you?

Stress reducer

Why fishing is good for you? Well, it takes time and effort to fish. It requires a lot of focus and concentration to fish and depending on what you are fishing for you might need a tad more focus than usual.
By focusing on catching a fish, you are effectively not thinking about any worries that you might have had during the day.

By being focused on that task at hand, you can completely forget about your worries and come home less stressed. I would recommend using fishing as a stress reducer only while alone. Fishing with friends or family is nice, but sometimes you want to do it on your own so you can rest, relax and not have any conversation.

It’s a great benefit for children

Patience is a virtue. And while fishing, patience is something that you truly must be master of to catch the greatest fish that ever existed. One thing that children today don’t have is patience. I still haven’t found any impatient fisher that actually successfully caught a fish, non the less a big fish. Fishing will teach your child patience, so they can get a proper catch. So, what more can your child learn from fishing?

Quite much to be honest. Dexterity for starters, from untangling a messed up line, all the way to putting bait on the hook and casting. This helps your child develop cognitive skills when it comes to fishing. And at the end, in an era where we are all stuck to a computer monitor or a mobile phone screen, fishing can help us in digital wellbeing and to relax our eyes.

Spend some quality time with your child or other relative

You could come home without catching any fish, but that doesn’t matter as much as the wonderful company you had, or even better, the great time you spent bonding with your child, friend or any relative. Humans are social, and sometimes we just need a good talk for all the stress or worries to go away. While fishing you can discuss many topics with your child or practically anyone that keeps you company on your boat. Cast those baits and enjoy a cold one with someone, and if you run out of topics to discuss, weather is always a great option.

It is a workout

It might not be like going to the gym, certainly, but still you do get a decent workout while fishing. How, you ask? Well, casting the line requires you to use your upper muscles to cast the line further away. Did I get your attention? If not there are more physical benefits. Walking around trying to find the perfect spot for fishing is actually great walking exercise and good cardio, especially if you have to go up and down a stream. Additionally, you will get some tan which means you will have your daily dose of vitamin D.

It’s a time well spent

Fishing is a recreational activity in which even the worst day, when you catch no fish at all, is preferable to doing chores at home. Many individuals say that the enjoyment of fishing comes from the activity rather than the number of fish caught. The sensations of pinning insects on your hooks, placing them in water for hours, waiting, and then finally catching a fish are incredible.

There is such thing as a free lunch

Fish is the free lunch you were taught in econ class about, only, there is nothing in return that you need to do (aside from cleaning the table maybe). Why fishing is good for you and your health? Well, fish is a great food and while many fishers themselves don’t eat fish, consider having it in your menu at least once a week. Fish has Omega-3 acids which are good for your health, and will help you have proper nutrition.

Keep in mind

Not every day is a good day for fishing, but in the end you are fishing, so you can rest and relax and that is one of the many reasons why fishing is good for you. Don’t forget to check out our product reviews in case you need to stock up on products for your next fishing adventure and may your lines be always tight.

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