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Who Are We?

Fishing Gadget is a team of enthusiastic friendly fishermen who love to spend their free time fishing, chatting and enjoying the nature! It has grown from the idea that we always wanted to have one place that will provide tips, info, products and everything related to fishing.

Our main focus is to provide the best information on where you can find the best deals and quality for all the fishing gadgets that are needed for fresh or salt water fishing.

Here you will find and read interesting first-hand experiences, learn few tips and tricks from here and there and also implement them on your everyday fishing.

The team

Igor Clarkson

Meet Igor, a devoted fisherman who enjoys the rush of making a catch. He’s a real adventurer, always looking for new spots to fish and taking on the most difficult fishing tasks. Igor’s tackle box is a veritable gold mine of cutting-edge lures and high-end fishing equipment. His area of expertise? Where his patience and acute senses truly shine is while night fishing for elusive species. Igor has an unrivaled passion for night fishing, whether it is in the darkness of a serene lake or in the city lights of the pier. Also, he supports ethical fishing methods and actively contributes to conservation initiatives to protect the aquatic habitats he values so highly.

Bob Williams

Boban is a skilled angler who has a strong passion for the water. He’s been fishing for decades and has honed an extraordinary ability to read the currents and comprehend the habits of various fish types. Boban’s enthusiasm for fishing is contagious, whether he is throwing his line from the peaceful shores of his preferred lake or sailing out to sea in his dependable fishing boat. He is well-known for both his sizable collection of unique fishing rods and his talent for tying challenging fishing knots that always work. When he’s not out on the water, Boban enjoys teaching other anglers at local fishing clubs and workshops.

Zoc Rudd

Zoran is a fishing aficionado whose enthusiasm goes beyond actual angling. He frequently arranges fishing retreats that incorporate relaxation, meditation, and fishing since he firmly believes in the therapeutic benefits of fishing. The conscious component of fishing is the main focus of Zoran’s method, which teaches participants how to commune with nature and experience inner calm while casting their lines. He is well known for his holistic fishing courses that place an emphasis on both the technical and psychological advantages of angling. Inspiring others to discover balance between the rhythm of the water and their own breathing is one of Zoran’s favorite fishing activities.

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