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Berkley Fishing Scale

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Last updated on June 14, 2024 4:04 am

With this Berkley Fishing Scale and attached tape measure, you can quickly determine the length and weight of your catch.


Brand: Berkley
Color: Black
Weight Limit: 50 Pounds
Product Dimensions: 10.63″L x 6.1″W x 1.97″H
Material: Aluminum


For quick comparison of your catches, this hanging scale features a memory bank that can hold up to 10 weights. Additionally, it features a tare feature that can figure out and show the total weight of several fish.


This digital fishing scale can weigh up to 50lbs/23kg. You won’t need to be concerned about it being compromised because the computer is totally enclosed by the water-resistant exterior casing.

Berkely Digital Fish Scale with Tape-50, Water Resistant and Suitable for Weights Up to 50lbs, Immediately Measure the Length and Weight of Your Catch

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  • BERKLEY DIGITAL FISH SCALE: Quickly measure the length and weight of your catch with this digital scale and detachable tape measure.
  • MEMORY FEATURES: This hanging scale has a memory bank that can store up to 10 weights, so you can instantly compare your catches. It also has a tare feature that can calculate and display the combined weight of multiple fish.
  • WATER RESISTANT CONSTRUCTION: Measure weights up to 50lbs/23kg with this digital fishing scale. The water resistant outer shell encases the computer completely, so you won't have to worry about it being compromised.
  • MEASURE LENGTH & WEIGHT: The detachable tape measure is compact but perfect for the job. It can measure lengths up to 48in/1.2m so you can get an accurate measurement of even your biggest catches.
  • IMMEDIATE FUNCTIONALITY: Each of these hanging scales comes with two CR2032 batteries. Bring it straight out on the water and put it to use.


The portable, yet ideal for the task, detachable tape measure is small. You can receive an exact measurement of even your biggest catches thanks to its measurement capacity of lengths up to 48in/1.2m.


There are two CR2032 batteries included with each of these hanging scales. Use it right away by taking it out on the water.


Strong and well-made; the plastic clamp won’t hurt the fish. Both precise and simple to use. simple to connect to a fish.

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