Best Fishing Accessories for Rivers

The new year has just started, and you know what they say, “new year = new gear”. If you’re on the hunt for the newest fishing accessories you can use for your river fishing, then you’re in the right place.

Top 6 Best Fishing Accessories for Rivers

Outdoor Planet Waterproof Fly Box with Dry/Wet/Nymph/Streamer Trout Fly Fishing Flies Lure
Sufix Tritanium Plus Line Clear is a technologically advanced line capable of handling any fish in any w…
Outdoor Planet Waterproof Fly Box with Dry/Wet/Nymph/Streamer Trout Fly Fishing Flies Lure
The hard baits’ high quality is described by their durable ABS body, exquisite coating, and sharp …
Outdoor Planet Waterproof Fly Box with Dry/Wet/Nymph/Streamer Trout Fly Fishing Flies Lure
Clamps may be used for a variety of activities, including crushing barbs, extracting hooks from fish (or yourself!…
Outdoor Planet Waterproof Fly Box with Dry/Wet/Nymph/Streamer Trout Fly Fishing Flies Lure
Having a personal floatation device (PFD) is essential for any type of fishing, but especially so when …
Outdoor Planet Waterproof Fly Box with Dry/Wet/Nymph/Streamer Trout Fly Fishing Flies Lure
For your fishing or crafts, use our Plano Stowaway Box or utility box to organize your smaller products…
Outdoor Planet Waterproof Fly Box with Dry/Wet/Nymph/Streamer Trout Fly Fishing Flies Lure
The Pelican Boats Poseidon Angler Fishing kayak paddle is an essential piece of equipment for y…

What is River Fishing and Why Is It Different?

If you don’t usually fish on rivers, or you’ve ever gone fishing at all, you would have heard of fishing on rivers. Compared to fishing in still water, river fishing is much more challenging. This is mainly because you are on moving water, so you have to deal with the current, the rocks and the other things affecting your position while fishing.

As a first-timer, it’s highly recommended that you try fishing in still water first. This will help you gauge your knowledge and skills before you go to a more challenging body of water.

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The 6 Best Fishing Accessories for Rivers

When you’re ready to move to river fishing, you will definitely need a few other things that you might not have needed in still-water fishing. Here’s a list of our best fishing accessories for rivers:

1. Fishing Line

Sufix Tritanium Plus 1/4-Pound Spool Size Fishing Line (Chartreuse, 20-Pound)

When you’re fishing in the river, it’s important that you have an extra of everything, especially the fishing line. There’s a high chance that your line will get caught on rocks, so it’s best that you come prepared to not waste your beautiful trip to the river.

The Sufix Tritanium Plus fishing line is one of the most durable lines there is in the market. It uses an advance anti-abrasion copolymer that enables it to withstand pressure and sharpness of rocks. It has a high knot strength which helps in adding strength to your overall casting.

Sufix Tritanium PlusSufix Tritanium Plus
  • Advanced anti-abrasion copolymer formula for maximum durability
  • High tensile and knot strength
  • Special anti-friction agents reduce abrasion and improve casting
  • An ideal line for flipping and pitching into dense cover
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2. Lures

Other than bait, you will need lures to make sure that your river fishing endeavour becomes a success. There are a lot of types of lures just as there are a lot of types of rods and reels. The Trayosin fishing tackle set contains a lot of different types of lures, hook, sinkers, and even comes with a free tackle box. It contains a lot of plastic worms and spinning lures, so you will definitely be prepared to attract different kinds of fish.

Trayosin Fishing Lures Kit 2Trayosin Fishing Lures Kit 2
  • Type: Hard Bait
  • Material: Hard Plastic
  • Style: Fish,Pencil
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Package weight: 0.15 kg
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3. Net

Everyone has that “the one that got away” moment when fishing. If you’ve ever accidentally let go of that prized fish, then you know that a net could have prevented you from losing it. This is why having one in your boat is important.

The Frabill Sportsman Seamless Rubber Landing Net is a collapsible and foldable net that is very easy to bring. It uses a thermal plastic-rubber net which is connected to a retractable aluminium handle. The net itself has a wide opening which is perfect for getting a bigger scope underwater. It’s also designed with a flat bottom (much like a box) so the bottom part does not get tangled.

Frabill Sportsman Premium Landing NetFrabill Sportsman Premium Landing Net
  • Frabill | Trusted By Anglers Since 1938
  • Hoop Size: 17″ x 19″ 
  • Telescoping Handle Length: 24-48″ 
  • Netting Material: Rubber | Mesh: 3/8″ 
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4. Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

Having a PFD is very important whenever you go for any kind of fishing, even more so when you are going to the river. A PFD makes the difference between life and death so it’s a necessity for your boat at all times.

The Kayak Adults Life Jacket Vest PFD is one of the most recommended PFDs out there. It is made of nylon which ensures lightness, but it also has padded neoprene shoulder pads for better comfort. What’s great about this PFD is that it has a lot of pockets. You can place your handy tools in them for ease of fishing. To add to that, this PFD is highly adjustable and has a range of sizes that can fit anybody.

Kayak Adults Life Jacket Vest PFDKayak Adults Life Jacket Vest PFD
  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Material: Taslan
  • Color: Yellow Length
  • Adjustable Range: Approx. 50 ~ 70cm / 19.7 ~ 27.5in
  • Width Adjustable Range: Approx. 50 ~ 70cm / 19.7 ~ 27.5in
  • Total Weight: Approx. 535g″ 
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5. Tool Kit

Although a little bit bulky, the Plano Angled Tackle System is an all-around tool kit. Just look at it and you’ll see why – it has 3 “drawers” and compartments on the lid itself. It definitely maximized each space of the toolbox for all the tools and accessories you will ever need on your river fishing trip.

Durability is also an important trait of a tool kit. Because you will be carrying and opening them all the time, it’s important that they have strong latches. This is also one of the things to love about the Plano toolbox.

Plano Angled Tackle System with Three 3560 Stowaway BoxesPlano Angled Tackle System with Three 3560 Stowaway Boxes

  • Fishing equipment tackle bags and boxes
  • Main compartment presents utility boxes at a 15 degree angle
  • DuraView covers and doors
  • Includes three 2 3650 Stowaway utility boxes

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6. Extra Paddle

Just like your fishing line, you would need an extra paddle stowed in your boat. The SYMBOSIA Angler Fishing Lightweight Fiberglass Kayak Paddle is a carbon fibre paddle has a carbon-fiber shaft that has an anti-slip feature. Because it’s so easy to hold, you don’t have to worry about it slipping from your fingers!

The design is also built for maximum functionality. For example, the integrated hook retrieval system it has on each side of the paddle is very helpful when you need to pull yourself toward a tree. Consider this as one of the simplest yet most effective product developments for fishing accessories.

Pelican Boats - PS1131 -SYMBOSIAPelican Boats – PS1131 -SYMBOSIA
  • Integrated hook retrieval system
  • Made of fiberglass
  • Drip rings that can be adjusted to keep hands dry for a stronger grip
  • Just 3 lb. (48 oz.) – blade angle change from 0-65
  • Ovalization: The shaft transitions from a round to an oval shape.
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There you have it – the basic accessories you will need if ever you’re going to go fresh river fishing.

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