What kind of fish is Flounder fish?

Flounder fish is a species that is known for its flat and almost disk-like shape. However, that is not the shape they have as larvae, since they begin their lives with a normal, non-specific look and shape. The flounder’s eyes end up on the same side of the fish, the top side. On the top side the ...

How to catch Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) fish

When someone is thinking of gamefish, one of the first things that come to mind, is the dorado fish. Dorado or Mahi – Mahi or Dolphin Fish are considered to be one of the most pretty looking gamefish, given the fact that they are brightly colored and big. However, catching a fish of this type is a ...

What is the Best Weather for Fishing? 

Let's say you have a big fishing trip planned but you are not sure about the weather. You have decided on every single detail about this trip. From where you will go fishing and what type of fish you are going to try and catch to what type of gear you will take with you. This moment is the only ...

Fishing on High Mountain Lakes

Fishing on high mountain lakes is not something that hard, in fact it is a fascinating sports activity that you can benefit from on multiple levels. From workout, all the way to enjoying a good catch on one of the lakes. So let us see how can you go about fishing on high mountain lakes.The ...

How to Enjoy Fishing Like a Boss

Some people are competitive and enjoy fishing competitions for that matter. Some just want to throw their bait and relax no matter the outcome of their fishing day. If you belong to the second group here is our idea on how to enjoy fishing like a boss.Do not go in a crowded spotThere are ...

7 Reasons Why Fishing is Good For You

There is no therapy in this world that can replace a beautiful day out in the open. It makes us feel well and at least we can be calmer. So, why fishing is good for you?Stress reducerWhy fishing is good for you? Well, it takes time and effort to fish. It requires a lot of focus and ...

5 Tips to Save You From Heat When Fishing

Summer is approaching us fast, the sun is shining longer and the heat is unbearable. Don’t worry we got you covered, here are our 5 tips to save you from heat when fishing.So what can I do about heat when fishing?Unless you decide to use the most noble and old way of beating the heat, ...

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