CRANACH Pocket Multi-Tool

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  • CRANACH 12 in 1 Multi tools Including
  • Good Camping Gear and Equipment
  • Easy to Carry
Last updated on April 11, 2024 3:13 am

The CRANACH Pocket Multi-tool is “designed to do more.” Take ONE tool and use it to a variety of applications. “Ease of use, enjoyment of the work, and a happy body and mind” are all goals they strive towards. Because of our dedication and belief in excellence, we believe CRANACH can help you get more done. CRANACH is eager to help you make things easier and live a better life, and we will do everything possible to make it happen.

CRANACH Pocket Multi-tool

Despite having 12 tools, the CRANACH multitool is foldable, weighs only 5.4 ounces, and fits conveniently in a pocket. The hammer multitool can be employed in any emergency situation. While camping, hunting, fishing, or exploring the outdoors, it can be used to saw wood, screw, scrape scales, cut wire, and so on. In the event of a collision, it is strong enough to smash the glass and allow you to exit the vehicle. The non-slip handle and folding tools are secured by two safety locks.

Multitool Camping Accessories, Tools with Screwdriver, Pliers, and Bottle Opener

The pocket tool includes a hammer, screwdriver, plier, knife, and several blades to help you prepare for emergency circumstances.

Product Details

  • CRANACH 12 in 1 Multi tools Including— Hammer Head, Flat Pliers, Pipe Pliers, Nail Claw, Wire Cutter, Flathead Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Nail File, Bottle Opener and 3 cutting tools.
  • Good Camping Gear and Equipment— One of the most important things to plan a camping trip is to be prepared for any accident or emergency. CRANACH camping multitool is really a good helper for camping trip.
  • Easy to Carry— Our multitool is made of durable 420HC stainless steel, it weights 0.54 oz,so you can easily slip it inside your pocket.CRANACH camping gadgets is also equipped with a black carrying case which can be attached to the belt.


This little hammer is much more attractive in real than it appears in the photos. Although it is little, it is capable of driving a nail through a wall. These pliers have powerful enough pliers to pull out old nails, staples, and twist wire. Electrical wires can be cut with the wire cutters since they are sharp and powerful.

These knives are really sharp, and I was able to use them to trim drywall with them. This has a handle that fits in my hand and is more stronger than it appears in the picture. The pliers’ handle has a solid grip on it and prevents the pliers from slipping out. Perfect to use when trout fishing or any other activity in nature.

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