Fishing in the rain – Tips & Facts

Fishing in the rain

When you are part of the world of anglers, even if you’re just a beginner, you can easily get immersed in the magic of fishing. Every part of the fishing experience be exciting and fun! For most of us, fishing in the rain is a big adventure. Whether you decided to go fishing and the weather changed all of a sudden, or you actually wanted to try out fishing in the rain, there are some things you can keep in mind to live this experience to the fullest! Read more to learn some facts about fishing in the rain.

Safety first when fishing in the rain

Let’s start off by stating the most important thing: ALWAYS STAY SAFE! Although fishing when the rain is light can be fine, you should avoid fishing if there are extreme conditions, like storms, whirlwinds, lightnings etc. Make sure to read our article about safety, to get more knowledge on this very important topic!


Another important tip when you are fishing in the rain is to wear the right type of clothing. Choosing a nice waterproof coat can feel lifesaving, since staying dry, warm and clean can make or break your fishing trip. It can help you stay positive and have fun without getting uncomfortable when it’s raining.

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If you sense that there is a storm coming, you could try to fish right before the storm comes. This change in weather will lower the barometric pressure, making the fish go into a feeding frenzy. Swim bladders, sometimes known as air bladders, are found in fish. These bladders are inflated sacs that aid in the buoyancy of fish. When the barometric pressure lowers, these air bladders inflate to compensate. That bladder shrinks as the pressure grows. As the pressure varies, these swim bladders can cause pain in the fish. The fish may struggle to maintain its balance and may feel bloated. The fish will try to move about in the water to lessen their discomfort. This will ultimately make fishing more successful for you.


Keeping in mind the fact that the rain can alter the water when it comes to visibility and such things, you need to make an extra step towards getting your bait noticed by fish. In this case it would be very wise to choose artificial lure in bright, neon colors, and ones that make noise such as popping corks or crankbaits.

It is also very interesting that catching bass could be easier when it is raining. Fish like largemouth bass get a bit more aggressive because of the rain, and they get a heightened sense of smell. This will make them easier to attract if you use the right bait.

Keeping in mind that fish have a better sense of smell after it starts raining, it is reasonable that right after the rain, when the bait is wet and smells better, you could attract more fish.

Water depth

The depth of the water you should fish in, depends on how heavy the rain is. Fishing after light rain can be more efficient if you choose to fish in shallow waters. On the contrary, fishing after heavy rain can be successful in deeper water.

Final thoughts

In general, rainy seasons are the best for fishing. Lower pressure, oxygen level, water movement levels and water temperature are all factors that are in your favour when it’s raining. It might sometimes be uncomfortable or difficult, and you might need to be better prepared in order to stay safe, but fishing in the rain will lead to catching more fish, which is always a good thing!

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