How Fishing Rods are made?

Today, we are here to explain to you how fishing rods are made. That way you can get to the core of how a rod works, which will make your fishing experience even more efficient!

When you go fishing, what is the most important factor you can think of in order for your trip to be successful? And no, snacks, so you won’t get bored aren’t considered as an answer.

You probably thought of quite a few things… However, you definitely thought of your nice, fully working fishing equipment.

Now think of a fisherman fishing…What’s the picture that pops up in your head? Yes, that’s right! A guy holding a fishing rod with its line inside the water. Have you ever wondered how fishing rods are made?

a person holding a fishing rod - how fishing rods are made

These two examples show you how important any equipment can be and how easily it defines our experiences with fishing. Fishing rods are one of the most important -if not the MOST important – pieces of an angler’s equipment. In order to work it correctly, you should have the right knowledge and some experience. Experience comes with time, however, knowledge can be found almost everywhere.

Fishing rods consist of the body, the guide, the handle and the reel seat. All of these parts are super important for your rod to be comfortable, effective, functional and overall a good purchase.

How fishing rods are made – Materials

The rod can be made out of various materials. First you have fibreglass rods. They are flexible and versatile. Their prices tend to stay low, so they are an excellent choice for beginners. They are very resistant when it comes to bumps and hard use. Of course, they aren’t unbreakable, but in case they need some fixing it won’t cost much. Graphite rods are mostly used by professional or experienced anglers. They are lightweight, so you won’t get tired fast, and they allow your casting to be accurate and distant.

They are stronger and stiffer, but they are also sensitive. That means you will have a better feeling of whatever is going on inside the water. However, purchasing a fishing rod made out of graphite might be hard, considering that their prices are usually very high. Bamboo rods are the oldest type of rods to be on the market.  These natural material rods are heavy as well as strong and elastic.

The prices depend on how the fishing rods are manufactured. Handmade bamboo rods are an excellent choice, but they are quite expensive. So, industry made ones are a modest solution. At last, we have a composite fishing rod. This fishing rod is made from a combination of materials, such as fibreglass and carbon fibre, and more. If they are strong or sensitive depends on the materials that are combined, and these rods are extremely versatile. Their prices are usually high, but they are definitely more expensive than fibreglass rods. 

Line guide

When it comes to the line guide, every fishing rod has at least one. The amount of line guides indicates the quality of the rod, hence the more, the merrier. High quality rods with a good amount of guides can help with accurate casting and retrieving the fish.  A good line guide had to be light, enabling precise casting and preventing friction. The outer part of the guide is metal, while the inner part can be made out of metal, plastic or ceramic. Plastic ones are definitely the worst ones, since they break easily and aren’t strong. Ceramic ones are a nice option, because they will make your casting better.


The handles on a rod are a very important part of this equipment. The most important factor when it comes to the quality of the handle is how it feels when you hold it. The grip should be good and holding the handle should feel comfortable. A handle can be made out of foam, cork, and wood. Each have different pros. Foam is lighter that the rest and very durable. Cork handles are comfortable, and they also don’t absorb. Wood handles might be a bit heavier, but they are comfortable and – might I add – quite stylish.

Reel seat

In order for your rod to be of nice quality, the reel seat must be good. The right type of reel seat should be firm but also light. That way it will accommodate the reel nicely, while keeping balance.  The reel seat can be made out of graphite, titanium, stainless steel, aluminium or a combination of metals. The material of the seat usually depends on the materials used for the rest of the rod. However, a high quality reel seat can increase the overall quality of the rod.

Final thoughts

Knowing all about the materials of a fishing rod, how fishing rods are made, can be extremely helpful to a fisherman. Having all this knowledge, you can choose the right, high quality rods in your next purchase, whether you are a beginner or a pro. So, make sure to keep this article in mind when you go shopping for your fishing equipment!

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