How To Catch Salmon

Fishing is a great, fun experience that can be very fulfilling. Whenever you go on a fishing trip, you get to think about some goals you want to achieve for the day. If one of your goals is to learn how to catch salmon, then you’re on the right place! Catching salmon may not be the easiest thing, especially for a beginner. That’s why in this article, we will discuss the top 5 (+1) best tips and tricks to learn on how to catch salmon!

how to catch salmon
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Boat vs Shore

Fishing for salmon can be done either on a boat or shore. If you decide to fish from the shore, be sure to be by a great lake. However, fishing salmon with a boat will probably be more efficient.

Drift fishing

Can’t seem to choose the right method? Here is some information about the best methods and ways on how to catch salmon.

You can try drift fishing, in which you cast a bait upstream while letting the line drift downstream, and then you reel in the line. By using this method, you technically bounce off your bait to the bottom of the water to find fish that get attracted to it. For this method you will have to be careful with choosing the right fishing line, since you want it to have a weight that will allow it to bounce but also be fast. When it comes to the gear you can use a foot rod with a 15–30-pound line or a snap swivel, a single loop with an egg loop, a yarn on the hook and a cork above it.


A method similar to drifting is plunking. What differentiates them is that, when plunking, the gear is cast into a migratory path in plunking and then anchored on another spot. For this method, you should be aware of choosing the right place to set your gear. For example, for large rivers you should choose a spot with an inside curve and slow currents and for smaller rivers you should search for tail-outs at upstreams of riffles.

river stream, how to catch salmon

Bobber fishing

Another great fishing method is bobber fishing. It’s a nice way to fish if the current is slow or even stationary. What you will usually need is a sliding float, swivel, something heavy to pull the line, and 12 to 24 inches lead to a float fishing rigging lure. Extra tip: use a boober stop! That way you can catch fish that are deeper inside the water.


Last but not least, you can try trolling. It’s a technique that fits boat anglers best. In this case you can use divers, downriggers, or weights so that your lure will go to the depth of your desire. You can use this technique when fishing close to the end of larger rivers.

Live bait vs Artificial bait

When it comes to bait, you should always do a little research so that you will use the right one! If you prefer to use live bait, make sure to try out fish eggs, salmon eggs, sand shrimp, salmon roe or strips of plug cut herring. If you want to try using artificial bait, make sure to buy some spoons or flashtrap spinners. When it comes to artificial lure, make sure to try using baits with flash, since they will attract salmon in shallow and deep water.


Another tip is to fish with the tide flow on open water. By going with the flow and not going against it, you have higher chances of catching salmon since they usually go into incoming tides.

When and where to fish for salmon?

Best times to try and catch some salmon are an hour before a low tide, as well as an hour after. Also, the best location, as we already stated in the beginning of this article, is by a lake or a river.


Make sure your gear is always prepared correctly. Check that you, indeed, have your bait, lure, rig, line, and rod with you. Also, keep your hooks as sharp as possible. That way, when salmon bite into your hook, it will go through their thick jawlines, and it won’t let them get away.

Final thoughts

There you go! These are 5 +1 of the best tips for you and your attempt to learn how to catch salmon! Now, it’s time for you to actually try them out! Have fun and be safe!

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