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Top 7 Affordable Crankbaits for Bass Fishing

When it comes to crankbaits for bass fishing, they are one of the best artificial lures to catch bass. A crankbait is a type of fishing lure that is typically ...

Freshwater Fishing Lures – Our Best Choices [2022]

As a fisherman, your tackle box gradually fills with various types of bait as you learn what works where, when, and for which species of fish. As you begin, ...

How to Make Fly Fishing Lures at Home and Be Good At It

When I was growing up many times I saw my father working in his room and creating something which at the end it was a fishing lure for his fishing activities. ...

5 Highly Effective Freshwater Types of Fishing Lures

In the world of fishing, we all know how precious a fishing lure is as an alternative to live bait. Whether in freshwater or saltwater, lures are equally ...

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