Summer fishing 2022: Full Guide

With summer just around the corner, the number of activities that come to mind is endless. Summertime is the time to relax, have fun, fill up your batteries and enjoy the beautiful sceneries that feel like they bloom in the summer.

The best way to do all this at once? Fishing! Fishing is one of the most relaxing yet super fun activities, especially if you’re not fishing all alone. At the same time, it’s a great way to enjoy the amazing views of rivers, lakes and the ocean.

That being said, there are a number of things that you should know about fishing in the summertime. From tips and tricks to what lures you should use, in this article you will get to know some of the most important things about summer fishing.

Fish tend to enjoy living in colder water. This means that when the summer comes most fish go and live in deeper waters and don’t swim as close to the shore as they do in the winter. The way they move and their habits definitely change, and thus the way you fish will have to change too.

Weather for Summer Fishing

Firstly, there are some factors related to the weather, that you should have in mind.


Windy days give you advantages when it comes to fishing. Even a light wind will lower the temperature enough for the fish to swim closer to the shore, while looking for their food. Also, the wind will make the water less clear, distorting the fish’s view. That way, they won’t be able to locate your hooks and lures as easily.

Water Currents

Another factor is the summertime water currents. Currents will especially change the behavior of the fish. The way that the waters will move can help you catch more fish. However, you should be prepared. Currents tend to come and go pretty quickly, so you should always be alert.


One thing you should be watching out for is a cloudy sky. Fishing with a cloudy sky will help you in two ways. First, it will make you sweat less and not get as tired, making it a nice fishing trip. Second, the clouds will lower the temperature, making the fish swim in more shallow waters, something you definitely want.

In similar fashion, you shall also enjoy sudden afternoon rain in the summer. When a big afternoon rain shower hits the waters near you, it’ll be the perfect chance to catch more fish. Fishes will be way more aggressive to find their food, and at the same time the waters will get blurry and colder. It’s an all-around win situation.

Now let’s look at some very important tips on what to keep your eyes on when you go on summer fishing!

What is the best time to go to summer fishing?

One thing that you should have knowledge of is what’s the best time during the day to go fishing. The answer to that is simple. From what you have already read this far, it’s self-explanatory that fish will come out to more shallow waters when the weather is colder.

The most chill times during a summer day are a couple of hours before sunrise, a couple of hours before the sunset and of course the nighttime. This means your fishing experience might be more efficient if you choose to go fishing during these specific times.

summer fishing on the beach

You should also choose shade over sun any day of the summer if you want to catch some fish. Because of the heat that comes from the sun, fish will try to hide in places where there is shade covering the water.

Fish will not only choose to enjoy waters where the sky is cloudy. They will also enjoy hiding under rocks. They tend to love the transitions of the rocks. So, it would be wise to get your equipment and sit on some rocks.  Make sure to fish at the front and back of the rocks, not the middle!

Fishing near rapids

Another tip you should keep in mind, is the fact that fishing in rivers is more resourceful in the summer. Since the fish are trying to stay as cold as possible, a pretty good amount of them choose to swim close to rapids in river. Fishing near rapids has other pros that might interest you. You won’t need a boat or any type of special approach.

You might also enjoy the fact that it won’t be crowded, since no visitors will usually come there except from rafters. However, you should keep in might that you have to be cautious about protection and safety.

Safety when fishing

Let’s spend a minute to talk about safety… When fishing you should always protect yourself from any oncoming danger. That applies to all seasons, but especially when it’s summer you should be extra cautious. It’s super important to be all well and healthy at the end of the day. Firstly, you have to be prepares for any summer rain, since it can cause you to catch a cold.

That’s why you should have a raincoat with you in case it starts to rain. But of course your main concern should be the hot and sunny weather. Make sure to always wear sunscreen and chose light clothes and a hat over any other type of clothing. Apart from that, make sure to keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Fishing Lures

In order for this to be a complete guide, we should also talk about an extremely important part of fishing: lures! By now, new beginners and experienced anglers all know that part of your effectiveness comes from choosing the right type of lure. Your choice might be affected by the summer season.

Diving Crankbait

One of the best lures for summer is deep diving crankbait. This type of bait is ideal for deep water. It allows you to cover a large amount of water, while keeping your lure deep inside the sea. This is extremely helpful in summer since choosing to fish when it’s sunny and hot, means you choose to fish inside deep waters, since that’s where most fish -if not all of them- will be.

Another excellent choice is the whopper plopper. This type of lure will help you by covering big amount of water. It is also the perfect lure to catch bigger fish in summer.  All you need is for your casting to be accurate enough!

Popping Frog

If you still don’t feel sure about the lures already mentioned then consider purchasing a popping frog. This bait is ideal since it’s significantly versatile. At the same time, another helpful trait of the popping frog is that it can be used in those places where fish use to hide in order to escape the heated waters and the sun. That means you can use it for example while fishing on the sides of some rocks, just like we mentioned earlier in this article. As a lure, a popping frog can catch some big fish, so be prepared by choosing the right hooks, durable, large and strong.

Plastic stick bait

Another smart choice is using soft plastic stick bait. This type of bait is extremely qualified for the early summer days of the post spawn season. That’s the time when most of the fishes are too tired to swim in deep water, but too hungry to not search for food. That way they eventually end up swimming in shallow water. Make sure to go for aggressive bass when using this lure.

Texas rig

Last but not least, another great lure is the Texas rig. It is one of the best choices when it comes to fishing in the summer. It is very durable, even in the highest temperature. It can also attract big fishes and largemouths. It seems to be especially ideal when fishing in places where the water is dark and gloomy, and there is floating vegetation.

Difference between artificial and natural lures

A very important tip when it comes to choosing lure is knowing the differences between artificial and natural lures. Most of the artificial lures are qualified to be used even in summer fishing. However, it is a fact that if you have natural lure it will be easier for you to catch some fish. In the summer the amount of food available for the fishes to eat increases.

This means fish will not be as easily fooled by the plastic lures. If you end up choosing natural lures over artificial ones, you should prefer either leech and small fleshy parts or warms. Warms are the best known and most effective natural lure, so choosing them would definitely be the right option!

Final Thoughts

Fishing in the summer might be a bit challenging. BUT! Knowing all the tips and tricks will help you forget about the challenge and instead enjoy your time and completely relax. We certainly hope you learned all about summer fishing with our help! The time to put all this knowledge into action is coming very, very soon! Have fun and stay safe!

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