What is the Best Weather for Fishing? 

What is the Best Weather for Fishing

Let’s say you have a big fishing trip planned but you are not sure about the weather. You have decided on every single detail about this trip. From where you will go fishing and what type of fish you are going to try and catch to what type of gear you will take with you. This moment is the only thing you have had in mind for the past days –heck even weeks. You wake up on the day of the big trip.

You can’t even eat your breakfast *which you definitely should, I mean how are you going to catch fishes on an empty stomach, dude?* because you’re so excited! And then…. your worst fear becomes part of the reality. You open your front door, ready to hop outside with a bright smile on your face, when you finally notice… there is indeed a huge rainstorm. All your hopes and dreams are done for, and you sadly have to stay home and cancel your fishing trip. 

Well…. if you don’t want to be that guy, then you are at the right place! In this article we will discuss how the weather can affect your fishing trip and what kind of weather is the best for this hobby, so if you are interested feel free to keep scrolling! 

What type of weather is best for fishing?

Knowing what type of weather is best for fishing is a bit tricky. Even fishermen with years of experience won’t be able to answer this question with confidence, and even if they do know the answer they won’t be able to point out every factor that goes into it.  

The weather can be good enough for you to fish according to your own standards. You can start by getting to understand the weather according to how the sky looks. That will give you enough experience to be able to make some predictions.

For example, if the sky is bright and there are no clouds, if during the sunset the color of the sky is a sweet shade of orange or pinkish, if at night you can see the stars clearly and can feel a slight breeze, then you can definitely go fishing without worrying about rain, storm or anything extreme. However, if you can spot mountains or islands that are far far away, if there is mist and the sun seems white, if the sky is red at dusk then most likely there will be rain and wind that could affect your fishing trip. 

Best time to fish

You should always take into consideration three main factors: temperature, humidity and wind speed. The catch is that you shouldn’t think of these factors only while keeping in mind yourself. You should think about how these factors can affect the psyche of the fish. The way different type of fish can perceive the weather is unique.

A certain type of weather could feel like heaven to a certain type of fish, making it appear more in the waters, but be like hell to another type of fish. The things that can impact the way fish will interact with water are the chemical state, i.e. salt and oxygen content and the physical state, I.e. temperature, currents, visibility, turbidity and more.  

Rising sea levels call the fish to the shore, while the shallowness of the water drives them away. If the meteorological change between these two states isn’t sever, the fish will not move. Opposite to this, if the change in the weather is indicative of a major bad weather event, the fish will go deep inside the sea even before the weather gets bad on the land. Their return to shore and their availability for feeding will depend on the time it takes for water and eelgrass quality to return to levels that are satisfactory for the fish. 

Is 50 degrees good fishing weather?

The survival of fish on the coast is also impaired by prolonged summers, since they deprive the sea of currents and waves, phenomena that are essential for its regeneration. Therefore, on such occasion while fishing from the well, and the weather is hot, you’ll see the baits intact. A change in weather with sea air, wave and current is needed in order to activate the sea and improve your fishing experience. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, too high and too low temperatures have a negative effect on the feeding behavior of the fish. Each species of fish survives and feeds in its own range of temperatures, and this is one of the reasons why some fish stay in the sea, some in the bay and others choose the foam or the bottom.  

To summarize, getting to understand what is the best weather for fishing is not a simple task. Having practical knowledge in weather forecasting is a great advantage, because it can allow you to make your own fishing forecast predictions. It is very important to follow the weather reports on television, radio or some weather apps, or, better still, to contact the meteorological service, so you won’t risk your physical integrity and enjoy your fishing properly.

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