What kind of fish is Flounder fish?

What kind of fish is Flounder fish

Flounder fish is a species that is known for its flat and almost disk-like shape. However, that is not the shape they have as larvae, since they begin their lives with a normal, non-specific look and shape. The flounder’s eyes end up on the same side of the fish, the top side. On the top side the color can be yellow and brown or dark green. The other side is white with a little bit of pale colouring in some places, and there is also some blotching. What’s fun about flounder fish is that their color can change depending on their habitat and their emotional state.

Flounder fish in hands of fishermen

When it comes to choosing a hobby, it should be something that excites you, that you have a passion for and that you can put work into getting new knowledge. Just like that, in order to be able to start your experience as a fisherman and enjoy your hobby, you should be willing to learn new things throughout your life. So, keep scrolling to find out some new and interesting fishing information!

Types of Flounder Fish

Flounder fish are known for their variety, since there are almost 30 different types of flounder fish that can be found in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, specifically in tropical and temperate coastal waters. They choose to live on the ocean floor, in areas that are close to  docks, coral reefs and bridge piles. However, there is still a significant amount of flounder fish that can be found within 35.000 feet depth. Another interesting fact is that even in our days, where the pollution has greatly affected the sea, the fish and fishing, flounder are still largely and steadily reproductive.

Flounder fish live for 15 years and they can weight anywhere from 3 to 9 kg. Their length can be 5 to 25 inches, and it also depends on their sex, since females are larger than males. Given the fact that there are plenty of species of flounder fish, it’s no surprise that you can find this fish in rivers and oceans. Hence, your chances of catching one are definitely not on the low side!

Flounder fish on a table

Potential lures for catching Flounder fish

Flounder fish are considered to be carnivore. That’s why they feed mostly on shrimp, fish and crabs, while on the other side they are afraid of sharks, eels and humans. They are way more active at night, than they are in the broad daylight.

How to catch a flounder fish?

Now that we know some of the most important details about this lovely fish, we can talk about catching it.

If you choose to use natural lure you should drift it along the bottom, and on the other hand if you choose to use artificial lure it would be effective to work it through the water column. Jigs, shrimps, worms are some of the best natural lures when fishing for flounder. It should also be considered that you have to use gear as best as you can buy, for example a strong reel could be helpful, since flounder can be pretty big. It would also be very smart if you chose to go fishing at night – of course keeping all the safety measures-, since that’s when they are the most active.

In general, catching flounder fish is considered to be easy, especially because of its shape. However, we should not underestimate the power of knowledge! Knowing information about the fish you’re planning on catching, like where they live, what they eat and how they behave, is critical in order for your fishing trip to be successful and fun!

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